Ahmed Abdi さん

Name Ahmed Abdi
日本語学習歴(2023年時点) Been on and off for past 10 years but to be exact around 4 years of study regarding reading, listening, kanji and 3 years of speaking.
Total 7 years.
現在の職業とその内容 I am a Building Systems Operator; I manage public properties and their full operations.
Essentially a property management assistant working in the public sector.
Deals with inventory management, HVAC, contractors, clients both internal and external.
学歴 Completed studies at Seneca College in Toronto for 3-Year Engineering Technology advanced diploma.
Enrolled in GLOBIS University pre-MBA program.
日本語学習の目標 I want to be able to use Japanese language on par with my English.




Arthur Fernandez さん

Name Arthur (朝) Fernandez
日本語学習歴(2023年時点) casual language exchange, 15 years, serious kanji study, 2 years
現在の職業とその内容 I work as an Inventory Analyst/Process Improvement Specialist for a pharmaceutical company.
I analyze data and look for ways to improve our daily processes, and I come up with new ways of working more effectively.
学歴 Completed: University of Waterloo, Liberal Arts (focused on practical psychology and corporate soft skills).
Current – GLOBIS University pre-MBA.
日本語学習の目標 I have always wanted to live in Japan and learn martial arts there.
I also like doing a lot of cultural activities like wearing kimono, and I believe that I need to understand Japanese fluently to enjoy Japan as much as possible.